Today we’re going to set up an ASP.NET Core + NancyFx web app with a Vue.js frontend with Webpack, complete with hot module reload.

Creating the project

This post will assume that you’re already familiar with (ASP).NET Core and tooling.

Working with Microsoft’s JavaScriptServices

Microsoft’s JavaScriptServices (GitHub) library lets us interop our .NET Core application with NodeJS, and provides Webpack middleware that supports everything we can use with Webpack’s npm run dev on Node.

JavaScriptServices doesn’t officially support Vue, though it has official support for Angular 2 and React. However, because of its Webpack support, I was able to get Vue running smoothly after some time spent hacking around and reading the documentation.

In Part 2, we’re going to put together an application that runs Vue in Webpack with JavaScriptServices. Here’s a simple app I put together that demonstrates my current setup.

Update: Here’s part 2 of this series!